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For more than 5 years we're on a mission to assist website owners in development of their online business through effective online marketing.

The leaders of Traffic Trends had blaze the trail of Polish e-commerce in both, sales and b2b. We've learned how to successfully use modern tools and ways of reaching out to the customers.

From the very beginning we've focused on innovative methods to establish a great company with achievements and ambitious goals done for our clients.

We are proud to work in 40 person team for hundreds of our customers. We received Deloitte fastest growing companies in Central Europe award.

We're the leading partner of IAI-Shop the online stores e-commerce platform technologies. We contribute Internet marketing field of study (Mediaworking) on Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan.

Vast of experience is profitable to our clients and their miscellaneous benefits on the Internet.

Traffic Trends is divided into professional teams performing services in the following fields: SEO, advertising, Adwords, advertising and communication in social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) content marketing, web analytics.

Each of these areas is regulated by different rules and requires expert skills gain through methodology.

In addition, we're able to agilely combine all the mentioned communication channels with a customer and generate a synergy effect.

It's a unique ability!

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