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The purpose of AdWords campaign is to drive sales and generate leads.

It's the best advertising solution for customers being on the last stage of the purchase path. Ads appear in response to a certain user query. Someone is looking for something and we simply show it to him or her.


AdWords advertising system lets you pay per click. Campaigns model of this kind is predictable enaugh so that you can prearrange its effectiveness. There're many forms of advertising e.g. text ads, product promotions including photos (Google Shopping), remarketing ads, banner ads and few other specific solutions.

AdWords team has mastered the ad related design and campaign performance of any budget. We run campaigns for online stores and business websites in Polish and foreign languages.

The key to high-quality campaign - that brings excessive return on investment - is its continuous improvement. Current optimization, testing and tracking results allows to maximize the effect from assigned budget.

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Alteration of AdWords campaign, in other words, how to improve your profits!

One of our clients, a well known Polish online shop selling designer furniture and accessories wanted to take full advantage of presence on the Internet. Conducted for more than 4 months AdWords campaigns had no satisfactory results. As a result, the cost of the campaign were higher than the revenue from the ads.

Foregoing campaign optimization had no chance to improve any results. Complete redevelopment of AdWords account and redirection of existing advertising come out to be the only right decision.

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