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The communication of Bludshop store

Case Study of one of the leading online stores in the streetwear industry for - Bludshop. Summary of 8 months of activities performed byTraffic Trends for the brand's Facebook profile and the results they produce for the store.

See how changes of communication, precise selection of content and advertising strategies have helped Bludshop make an active fan page, a real customer service channel and brought outstanding results to its sales channel!

More than half a year of growth with Traffic Trends Case study: Bludshop on Facebook

We were wondering what if our social media marketing got on a higher level. How to reach the leading brands and be responsible for their communication on Facebook and other channel presence. The turning point came after the contact with Bludshop brand. Working on fan page of this store was a completely new and incomparable challenge. How did we managed?

Who's the hero of the study?

Bludshop is the leading store with streetwear clothes. As another creation made by Mass Denim 98, a renowned hip hop culture brand, the online store had become their perfectly adapted business offering streetwear clothes with a fresh touch and exclusive selection of brand clothes. Wide range of products allows Bludshop to compete with the top online stores in the country. This fact was also confirmed by the situation on Facebook where Bludshop was ahead of such brands as The Avenue, Veteran Shop or Asphalt Bikes. However, the situation was only related with the number of fans as their commitment on the fan page left much to be desired.

The starting point

Our work has started at the beginning of June 2014. Bludshop's fan page had already a sizeable power of more than 55 thousand fans. Regularity of post communication was the main objective. Posts were posted quite rarely often as a one day boosts.
Such a phenomenon is normal for a large company without a social media team. Present team members are involved into different business activities. It is necessary to properly identify such a moment and take appropriate action such as to delegate individual person to promote the shop on Facebook and other social media services or simply outsource it to other company. This is how Bludshop had found us.

Creating the strategy

Our proposal was nothing more than the strategy of store's activity and communication. By analysis of what had happened so far it became a living example of how much is to be done. Another step was to set a comprehensive plan of action containing specific posts proposals and other additional activities.
The objective was simple: to make Bludshop's fan page an inspiration and entertainment spot for users as well as an efficient channel of the store's offer. Perhaps, the sale results were to provide the efficiency level. To a certain extent, the social media advertising shouldn't be accounted for the number of purchase. It is a long-term objective with a supporting role. So we assumed in this case.

Growth of the number entries

One of the key points of the strategy is to determine the number of posts entries. By evaluating the balance between too rare communication level and spam is an individual matter for each industry.
In this case, everyday brings us a room for promotion of one or two products and share inspiration to fashion, music, sports or even lifestyle. Besides, an up-to-date info about new arrivals or upcoming items including announcements about related events of the stores brand ambassadors like rapper Zeus or Rasmentalism squad.
An evident boost of activity and administrator response

Specific subject and regular frequency of posts

Another twist was to redefine the posts subject. Most of our posts are about the online store news however, it is no more than a half of our messages. Other part consists of posts concerned about music matching target group interests, eye-catching videos associated with extreme sports, streetwear inspirations, lifestyle and casual content connected with youth culture. All this is constantly a subject of our analysis which allows us to select the most engaging materials and forms to our community.

Changing the style of communication

Selected strategy had included determination of the communication techniques and their involvement. Considering the industry and character of recipients (approx. 90% of users aged between 13-24) we've decided to be explicit in the way of our response. That's why Bludshop is a brand that uses teen slang along with lots of witty remarks and constant reference to what is currently on top.

Changing the style of communication

The slang style does not disrupt the professionalism being the root in contacts with the fan or client. Aroused engagement and fans being stimulated to converse with the brand may be the best proof of the right choice of ours.

Distinction of the target groups

Young audience had become our target to advertise and inform however, it doesn't mean the older users are ignored. Streetwear is one of the most popular and current trends which is why we are oriented on users aged between 24-35. All the same, we cannot deliver the same content to both targets which let us to bring 13-18 years old fans. Women, men, students and older users are encouraged by different advertising sources to like the fan page. It allows us to differentiate audience and create advantage to teenage users.

Product related posts

To show our work in this field, once again we need to return to the posts from June 2014. The content was way too limited, often an elliptical sentence or casual CTA (call to action). After taking over the fan page the content had been extended and certain elements had been inserted:

∗ a sketchy description of a product to interest the fan
∗ obligatory CTA to each ad entry
∗ a hyperlink with necessary tags directing to the store
∗ asking questions at the end of the posts to provoke a discussion
∗ placing custom product images

Evident increase of the number of redirects from fan page to the online store and a similar progress in a number of comments had confirmed our tactics.

App contest

Contests are a necessary particle of strategy especially for this kind of industry and Bludshop's target group. By saying huge contest we have in mind 3 weeks of activities carried out in separate applications. It all happened on the occasion of the world's most popular hip-hop festival in Central Europe for which one could won as a prize in the competition. There was also a contest connected with performing stars from the store (Rasmentalism) and it brought consequently 1000 fans.

Quick and brief contests

Quick contests on the fan page were called 'rozdawka' (a give away). The idea was to pick the most creative or funniest answer to posted question. Sale products were the prize for entering an interesting comment beneath the photo. Apart from creating the image of a generous and entertaining brand Bludshop's biggest advantage is the enormous engagement level of its fan page. This is when we'd reported the biggest number of interaction with fans.

Advertising via Facebook Ads

All performed actions would be useless if the strategy hadn't included Facebook Ads and campaigns we'd run by it. Beside the already mentioned diversified advertising of the fan page also individual posts were promoted. Depending on the type of entry (product designed for men, women, "rozdawka" or music) they reach a certain kind of group and it enables us to extend the channel groups in which Bludshop should appear. External advertising also refers to similar principles but the purpose of it is slightly different - to drive sales and score the leads. The principle to which every social marketer shall approach mindfully, here was a game changer and a crucial benefit after giving the fan page duties to Traffic Trends.

How does Facebook sell Bludshop products?

External advertising is a format that brings results to a store. Until June we'd more than 40 sets of ads directing to categories, manufacturers, products or particular sales. Thus we obtain new customers - users who haven't visited the store yet. We're speaking here of more than 60% of external ads recipients. Visits of this kind end with a quick purchase often made the same day. It becomes the shortest customer journey. We also have clear evidence on efficient campaign strategy with low bounce rate.

How does Facebook sell Bludshop’s products?

There are also surprising results of post advertising in context of generating leads. The form of advertising with poor sales results turned out satisfactory for Bludshop. It may be the outcome of the discussion style performed with engaged groups who are interested in product range. In case of streetwear, the need has to be properly stimulated. Certainly it happens in our posts and the best evidence for that are statistics. Direct conversion value has been doubled in comparison with external advertising and its efficiency is close to the best converting Google Display Network ads. A common phenomenon in store statistics is the intermediate conversion in which a post simply starts a conversion process. It indicates a store with a good deal and proper optimization - customer who enters the product page sees a wide range of other products and also buys them. Time in which customer does the purchase after entering an online store through an ad is another important factor - in case of entries and posts it's way different than via external advertising. It turns out that far more products promoted by post entries were sold after several days from the first click. In conclusion, stats show a fulfilled role of a post entry as a customer's reminder of an attractive product and root of the store and its product range even for over a month.

How does Facebook sell Bludshop's products?

We'd proceeded work on Bludshop by showing to our client that Facebook shall not be treated as a best way to sell items. As always, the field of social media has been considered as a side effect to build up image of the store and an active communication spot. Fan page did not fit the scheme the first month. In summary, over the past 5 months the ROI level reached by all kinds of Facebook ads hadn't dropped below average of 180%. Individual campaigns have been able to reach even 10 times higher results. Bludshop's advertising potential certainly isn't a small one but it is still one of our biggest achievements.

The finish point (February 2015)

During 9th month of our activities on Bludshop's fan page the number of fans increased by nearly 45% in relation to the starting point. Commitment factor had rose by more than 130% and range had boosted less than 50%. All performed activities had their result in financial success, which revealed a profit from funds invested by Bludshop in our services. The essential information: This is just the beginning of our cooperation! Challenges associated with upcoming threshold of 100 thousand fans, entering further social media channels as well as additional advertising budgets are assigned to already announced plans of ours. We hope that the scale of growths will only get bigger and bigger and encourage you to entrust your social media channel to our experts. Traffic Trends will run your Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social media profiles. Let's move to the next level! We would be glad to write another case study about your business growth.

Previously presented numbers are the summary of our performed activities Contests are a great opportunity to introduce digital marketing abilities which allows to go further and more accurately.
Tvraffic Trends will run your Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social media profiles. Let's move to the next level! We would be glad to write another case study about your business growth

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