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Every day in Poland many cultural and entertainment events are taking place. One city often overlaps events on the same date by engaging the same target group which one has to fight for. It's not enough to stick posters around the city moreover, it's necessary to approach the Internet promotion!

In 2015, we'd the pleasure to support the promotion of Jazz Festival "The Era of Jazz" held in Poznan (Poland). Measurability of our all activities as well as interesting result achieved with a bit of planning made Dionizy Piątkowski to entrust a significant part of promotion to us. 2016 edition featured names like China Moses, Deborah Carter or even Chico Freeman. These names are well-known for jazz fans but...

Considering promotion for such an event it's important to evaluate sales potential by basis of actual audience. If we organize a concert of a worldwide renown pop star, all the tickets will be sold out in less than no time, whereas the marketing is to connect event organizer with the performing star. We could not be sure to have all jazz fans fill the whole concert-room. Bear in mind the fact that it is a 3 day festival so each day refers to a different performance. After consulting several matters we went back to the roots of the Internet communication to try to evoke a need among people who hadn't ever heard about The Era of Jazz.

This goal was achieved by three different ways. First of all, the image ads on Google display network had reached carefully selected destinations and interests. Secondly, there were external advertising and dark posts on the festivals Facebook profile. Thirdly, an video ad was launched for a selection of channels and Youtube videos. We've reached users who had been visiting specific pages and had been "caught" as the social media target or had been playing their favorite song on Youtube without intent for any commercial. What was the number of tickets we've managed to sell by performing these activities?

Not much! But it was an intended result. Significant website traffic has been generated (by using low cost Facebook external ads and cheap Youtube ads clicks) at a low cost and it has outnumbered former regular number of visits. Thus, the middle of March brought us a large remarketing list which has become the key to further success. Tracking activities via ads network, Facebook and Youtube had succeeded in numerous returning user, that as a result bought the tickets. Obviously, pay per click cost were more expensive but even much more effective.


First stage lasts from 10 to 4 weeks before the event and its a pre-promotion relying on selection of interested users, wholesale activities,

Second stage lasts 4 weeks before the event - advertising particular concerts and the event to specified marketing lists was a great success so that every concert could be proudly marked as SOLD OUT!

There was also an information campaign as an supplementary activities. Six weeks before the event all the artist names and the festival had been extensively searched in the search engine and this why a minor part of the budget had been spent on text ads of artist names and interest any potential participant via the festival website rather than other Internet ticket sellers, who are not presenting any atmosphere and history as the website.

Success of Dionizy Piątkowski is also our success and his jazz festival is becoming bigger and bigger with every edition. We hope that every other event will turn out to be the same success including our team as a part of it. See you at the concerts!


"Thanks to your professionalism The Era of Jazz has become a major event in the top of Polish and European jazz events."

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