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Gatta Facebook - the efficient fan page

The answer is simple - create an account and publish a corresponding content about the brand that will persuade users to like it and read through the interesting content.

At first glance there is nothing difficult and complex about it. In reality however, profiles with a great number of likes are associated with a well-thought-out strategy, a specified target audience, moderation, active discussion and a developed concept of graphics.

There are no essential rules or tips that guarantee fan page success. A lot depends on what kind of business you're in.

Here we have a list of best practices that help us achieve selected objectives such as: increasing brand recognition, creating brands image as an expert in its business field or bumping up communication level with customers on the business profile.

Gatta's brand is known of high quality hosiery products but its collection got extended by swimsuits, stylish underwear and own line clothes. Fan page activity and Facebook activity are designed to build up brand awareness for new product fields and associate it with already existing product range.


The first and one of the most important principles is to systematically publish content. We'd prepared a schedule for Gatta profile in which every morning a product with a link to the store was posted. At the afternoon another post with lifestyle content was published. Such a system guarantees perfect order of brand profile and aside from a regular product presentation it enables to create Gatta's image as a world fashion expert.

1. Post entry with lifestyle content:

Kolejna, cudowna i słoneczna niedziela przed nami! Spędźcie ją w gronie najbliższych, relaksując się i nabierając siły przed nowym tygodniem! <3 Przyjemności! <3

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 12 czerwca 2016

2. Post entry with product content:

Mamy coś specjalnego dla wielbicielek kostiumów jednoczęściowych! Model Portofino to niezwykle komfortowy strój, który...

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 22 lipiec 2016


We strongly emphasize the substantive value of media in our publications. Beside the world fashion news and various product information it's purely important to keep the profile coherent along with its activities and all the content presented via each marketing channel. If we run a newsletter containing info of new promotion or any other action, we change the profile background image and post brief info about the rules. This allows to keep a user up-to-date along with a comprehensive set of news even if its the only way of communication with brand.

Cover images:

Pinning the post to the top makes it possible to present significant events or promotions at the foreground. Any user that enter brands fan page is getting the essential info about current promotion.

Post pinned on the timeline:

❤ Nie przegap — zobacz nasz wciąż powiększany wachlarz promocji w kolekcjach Gatta ❤ Zmysłowe modele z kolekcji Gatta...

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 25 lipiec 2016


Artwork and graphics aren't only about relevant images and photos for post entries. We must remember that it is as important to your profile picture as the already mentioned cover photo. Even the cover photo and avatar of Gatta brand are consistent.

By taking a glance at the following posts allows us to immediately highlight the specific topic cycles with their separate artwork. It is important not to forget to communicate each user who is the author of the statement. For this purpose we use posts templates. Entries showing the product range only contain an image of the promoted product in Facebook best 1200px resolution. Lifestyle posts have specific frames with names of particular series and brand related colours, namely black and white.

The cycle of Spa:

Jak przedłużyć piękną, złotą opaleniznę swoich nóg? Przede wszystkim pamiętajcie o... nawilżeniu! Gorące, letnie słońce...

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 12 lipiec 2016

Post entry with product content:

Kombinezon wykonany z lekkiej i zwiewnej siateczki perfekcyjnie dopełni Wasz plażowy look! ☀ Model wiązany na szyi...

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 13 lipiec 2016


Before starting an advertising process the basic step is to define target group of the fan page. Behavior analysis is the key aspect to influence only interested users who like our content. A good example might be a list of users who hit the "like" button in a valuable link content related with the products, promotions, contests and then divide them. As it comes to Gatta, the target group are:
- women;
- aged 18-50;
- nterests: lingerie, dresses, tights, socks, swimwear or stockings.

This helps to collect a large amount of activity under the posts as well as to generate numerous referral entries via fan page to the online shop. By creating this group we'd aimed at wider set of interests but after verifying the results, the target for our ads seem to be the most suitable for the time being. We know from our own experience that the more defined and clarified target we get, the better results of reaching an interested group of users with ads.


Contests are a core element of fan page communication due to the fact of how much entertainment they provide to fans. Profile gets more and more attractive and the brand gains generous and entertaining image. Facebook contests are also designed to build awareness across the group who has no purchase intentions at the moment. Thanks to the way we present the brand, if a need suddenly occurs among users, they will remember about us. Fans acquired through the play are improving range of posts and engagement on the profile. They have also impact on fan page awareness including the brand and the store. Contests positively affect fans approach to brands profile. Entertainment associated with attractive prizes enhance their trust, loyalty and extends brand attention. Gatta profile is full of amazing contests on both, the timeline and contest app. Subject area of each was related to product range, thus prizes were extremely valuable.

The contest at the timeline:

App contest:


Even fans of the most powerful brands on social media find their products not attractive which simply do not meet their requirements. The most common reaction is a negative rating or a comment describing their dissatisfaction or even a call to boycott the brand. In such situations it is important to stay calm - criticism is to be faced and the way one copes with a questionable situation shows the class and competence of dealing with difficulties in front of a precious audience - the fans (potential customers). We cannot be afraid to admit our mistake or even to compensate those mistakes.

Writing positive reviews by fans or rating a product is definitely much more frequent than a negative response. Remember not to leave such comments without responses. Situations like that give us a great opportunity to form relationship with current customers and by the way, invite them to our stores.


Don't try to create an unavailable or mysterious brand image. Aside from direct communication with fans a presentation of additional resources is necessary to get the user familiar with the brand's backstage or news from a everyday work. Fans will gain more confidence and interest to follow next published content. Gatta profile acquires this effect by showing materials like making of, photo shootings or by informing about new brick and mortar store opening. Designing such a plan makes fans see people responsible for certain projects and working for the brand rather than just look at the logo and product - a more direct relationship is made.

Making of Justyna Steczkowska photo shooting:

Info about the opening of the new store:


Obvious pattern, repeatability and monotonousness - any of these three terms shouldn't characterize a fan page! Diversify your posts not only through their content but also via their form. We public videos, gifs, collages and image galleries. Trivial entries and minor content available on profiles of other brands from the same industry may discourage a random fan who will treat your profile as unreliable as "copy-paste" process. What's even worse, the fan may even stop following your brand.

Image collage:

Reposted photo of a fan:


To keep the Facebook profile as comprehensive as possible it is crucial to fill all the business profile info. In order to use the maximum potential of the tab you should use the shared info to share all the brand or business values, enter the website address or even provide the date of establishment. What's more, appropriately filled info will directly improve SEO of the website.

Except the profile info bookmark there is another one called "important events" where we can find major brand achievements to gain respect of a customer.

"Page info" bookmark:

"Important events" bookmark:

There is also a remarkably important tab which easily redirects users to our other social network sites! Shortcut of this kind can smoothly redirect fans to visit other accounts showing a bit different content.


Making a fan page our primary news feed and a communication channel we shouldn't forget about other social profiles like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or even the website blog content.

Linking those channels will easily boost their potential. Beside the simplest solution of creating tabs available on fan page's home page to redirect users to a certain website, it is a great idea to invite fans to follow other profiles and read entries. While using this patent for Gatta we'd noticed that every resource shared on Instagram made the number of Facebook followers grow.

Invitation to follow the Instagram:

Zapraszamy na nasz Instagram! Masa inspiracji, newsów z życia marki oraz wiele trendów na Was czeka! <3

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 11 lipiec 2016

Invitation to read the article posted on the blog:

Na naszym blogu znajdziecie relację z ostatniego pokazu duetu bizuu! Zapraszamy do lektury! <3

Opublikowany przez Gatta na 20 czerwca 2016


The easiest confirmation of how important is a quick and comprehensive reply to a fan is the fact on how critical situations on profiles are due to lack of response or a late reaction of moderators. Responsiveness may be the best protection against unnecessary problems that can adversely affect the entire brand perception. It can also be a significant advantage in the struggle against other competitors. If we have a similar product/service, a quick response to users questions may encourage a potential customer to handle his problem straight to us. Not every comment should be answered - a simple "like" gesture does the thing. Various situations may turn out to be more appropriate by responding fans query with a question.

Above mentioned methods are essential to build up and create a quality database of fans. Professional brand profile is all about regular, unique and original entries, properly defined target group and ability to stir up and moderate communication. If these components will be used on your social media profile, the only thing left to do is to take care of customers needs. πŸ™‹πŸ™…πŸ™

Our everyday work for more than 50 social media profiles is based on above mentioned rules and our customers are really satisfied. If you would like to boost your presence on Facebook be sure to visit our "contact" tab! Nobody will do it better than us! Gatta is a perfect example of that! :)

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