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Performing a comprehensive SEO for an online store is a real challenge for anyone being already in the business. While performing SEO for e-commerce one should pay attention to visible website content and also to non-visual parts such as the HTML structure. Image optimization is one of these issues. One of our online shops may be considered as a good example to picture how to increase shop visits with a simple solution which doesn't require any extensive knowledge. Image optimization is nothing more than a good description placed in the alt attribute of an image.

Alt attribute is an alternative text for referring to a particular image. Why should we use this attribute? Firstly, Google robots are no good at describing images and the attribute helps them define the image. The XHTML specification requires it to be implemented and when an image is unavailable the alt attribute replaces it.

We had undertaken this problem because our client decided to get more visible at Google images and it turned out as a perfect idea to increase shop visits.

Let's see how a correctly described image indexed in Google search engine looks like.

Example of a store selling home accessories.

Implemented code bit looks as follows:

<img src="image URL address” alt="chrome circular door stop">

The key is to properly assign the alt attribute. The following screenshot shows a properly described image according to what is presented on the image. The same goes for the picture next to it.

Our graphic is the first result for "chrome circular door stop" at Google images.

This is thanks to perfectly designed image description. Therefore, it is very helpful to precisely describe images displayed in our store. For example, a picture of a dress should be described with details like alt="black sateen dress" rather than using a simple alt="dress".

An additional advantage of assigning alt descriptions to all images presented in the online store had translated to a better keyword rankings of the shop thus, it had increased the number website visits. The keyword saturation had been significantly increased.

Screenshot from Google Analytics is a good evidence of that:

Changes were made at the beginning of February. The number of visits reached an average of 90 per day. In mid-February the average increased by almost a half of visits. Traffic generated by the optimized images displayed at Google images turned out to be a great success.

Next screenshot shows a considerable amount of visits having their source in Google images.

In conclusion, you might consider implementing these minor changes to your website. By saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" one should think of a step by step progress to workout better keywords ranking positions.

Let's do this!

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