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Considering previous extensive methods of promotion and brand recognizability, our activities performed for had to be something more than just another chart with summary of the campaign. With such a renowned brand and customer awareness built by ads, billboards, partnership at events and many more, it would seem that such services doesn't need SEO at all.

We've always knew about the hidden potential of that source and finally it turned out that our performed activities including mainly website optimization - performed smoothly due to team of developers - had resulted in almost 3 times of organic traffic increase in only 6 months of cooperation.

It often happens that the biggest brands are concentrated over both, the outdoor and Internet visibility. This kind of approach clarifies why Google webmasters guidelines are often ignored - "what for?" they claim. By seeing the previous effects with a number of different aspects to it, like organic traffic and top10 keywords from search engine results page we'd one more question, what actions should we take to maintain even better keyword ranking and a greater organic traffic for Bilety24.

We'd begun to analyse the overall website condition which turned out to be far from being SEO-perfect. Later you'll see how the website maintenance did converted a better ranking results. Let's have a look at the figures to present this phenomenon in as many words:


Here are few examples of keywords with different competition levels:

concert tickets - starting position: 9, present position: 2
theatre tickets - starting position: 3, present position: 1
cinema tickets - starting position: 10, present position: 3
tickets concert - starting position: 8, present position: 4
ticket for a concert - starting position: 8, present position 2
online tickets - starting position: 4, present position: 2
tickets - starting position: 77, present position: 6

At first, the overall positions of general keywords had been significantly improved. Even though it wasn't the main objective the side effect was promising. As is known, even the smallest rank change makes a huge difference in the number of website visits so a position boost from 9th to 2nd or 10th to 3rd are surely very comforting.

Chart example for one of above mentioned phrases:


The following chart will sum it up perfectly:

The comparison displays data from the beginning of our collaboration up to the beginning of a new year with the previous analogical period. Perhaps the chart itself doesn't reflect much of those increases but here are some figures

Number of sessions: 246% increase

New users: increase of 248%

All this in just half a year!

3. Top10 visibility increase

According to data presented by SEMstorm, number of keywords appearing in the Top10 had grown five times since we've started the collaboration.

As you can see above, a solid optimization can result in a lot of extensive perks. However, you should bear in mind the fact that the implementation in this case wasn't problematic at all. After consulting the lead developer and focus on key optimization fixes which were immediately implemented we could observe first search engine ranking improvements. It may not have been as evident as in the subsequent half-year comparison but at least something had occurred. We'd knew that it was the result of implemented changes.


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