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Supporting a brand with engaged community on the one hand allows you to unleash the full potential of social media marketing, on the other hand, is a daily challenge because of the massive activities and user reactions. Working on store social networks has allowed us to discover both sides of this coin! It's not another typical story showing the difference before and after our performed activities. This time we've took on a channel with abilities to reach outstanding results in relation to single posts or in terms of acquiring fans.

Existing activities were temporary which means posts were published irregularly nor any of them were promoted while scale of fans reactions to such activities had already exceeded the capabilities of store support. It got out of control to keep track and be as much responsive as possible to maintain satisfactory level. The aim was to maintain peaking graphs which were more occasional and rare and far from being a brand fan page characteristic at Facebook and Instagram.

Regular and topical posts was what we were aiming at from the beginning. Activity of this kind helped in targeting of promotion with maximum responsiveness. A lot of attention has been drawn to brand identity, especially its graphics aspect. Any user seeing shall have no doubt that any posted comment was authentic and presented available products. All these efforts brought about next level to key profile statistics.

Fan page's content was massively shared by fans and the target audience. Tagging oneself on images is a very frequent activity among all users, therefore it allows to easily extend posts range without any extra effort for promotion. The vast majority of comments is answered with administrator response and 100% of this is done to answer users direct questions. This large community accustomed to such a responsiveness of users interested in brand generates partial or even whole buying processes to Facebook and Instagram. In order to increase contribution of fan page inbox into the the customer services we'd implemented a Facebook Messenger widget in exchange with the standalone website chat.

Consequently, we'd gathered Facebook profiles that maintain their statistical average at the level of the former peak activity levels which force us to face new challenges. It guarantees this case study to be continued!

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