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We've listed a series of stories about our successes with some of our clients. Learn a set of sophisticated and fruitful case studies containing extra SEO, SEM and social media tips.

Supporting a brand with engaged community on the one hand allows you to unleash the full potential of social media marketing, on the other hand, is a daily challenge because of the massive activities and user reactions. Working on store social networks has allowed us to discover both sides of this coin! It's not another typical story showing the difference before and after our performed activities. This time we've took on a channel with abilities to reach outstanding results in relation to single posts or in terms of acquiring fans.

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Every day in Poland many cultural and entertainment events are taking place. One city often overlaps events on the same date by engaging the same target group which one has to fight for. It's not enough to stick posters around the city moreover, it's necessary to approach the Internet promotion!

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techniczna optymalizacja

Considering previous extensive methods of promotion and brand recognizability, our activities performed for had to be something more than just another chart with summary of the campaign. With such a renowned brand and customer awareness built by ads, billboards, partnership at events and many more, it would seem that such services doesn't need SEO at all.

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za kulisami pracy seo

Case Study of one of the leading online stores in the streetwear industry for - Bludshop. Summary of 8 months of activities performed byTraffic Trends for the brand's Facebook profile and the results they produce for the store.

See how changes of communication, precise selection of content and advertising strategies have helped Bludshop make an active fan page, a real customer service channel and brought outstanding results to its sales channel!

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o problemach

Case study of Lycra® global brand competition ran in Polish edition for Gatta. Summary of more than one month of competition related activities, development of communication strategy including promotion and all the benefits of Gatta Facebook profile.

See how synergy of multiple advertising channels and unconventional communication helped Poland win the advantage in number of applications and range of the action over other European countries.

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