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Facebook ads campaigns, DPA, remarketing

Social network advertising is a perfect mechanism to stimulate and emphasize the needs of potential customers.

Facebook advertising system has several powerful tools able to aim the target group for precise advertising messages.

Media personalisation

Dozens of parameters starting from the age and location by interest and user behavior are at our disposal.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are a compelling way to reach desired mobile audience. Each day they use phone as their main Internet source. On this field Facebook Ads are second to none.

Finally, Facebook Ads are a powerful medium for remarketing tactics. Internet users spend less and less time on the Web and more and more time in Facebook applications. Remarketing though, may not meet our customer on websites. Through Facebook remarketing advertising we may successfully reach any customer.

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Case study of Lycra® global brand competition ran in Polish edition for Gatta. Summary of more than one month of competition related activities, development of communication strategy including promotion and all the benefits of Gatta Facebook profile.

See how synergy of multiple advertising channels and unconventional communication helped Poland win the advantage in number of applications and range of the action over other European countries.

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