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Google Analytics is the best tool ever made for marketers. The same people mistakenly think they are capable to use only 10% of their brains, the same is the undeniable statement that an average user is able to use only 10% of Analytics capabilities.

Viewing Analytics reports may be compared to observing people entering a brick and mortar store. When excluding some obvious remarks an untrained eye wont notice anything significant. Only a trained observer will draw a constructive conclusion.

If you want to become an aware Google Analytics user and/or you associate your nearest future as a web analyst (by the way, currently the best available business) then you need to get to know a bit more than simple reports and features of this tool.

You have to start from scratch: what does Analytics really see and how it sees.

I invite you to undertake the whole Google Analytics course with my support. You can be sure that after completing this course you'll be able to analyze any website consciously and effectively. Your business objectives will be implemented much quicker and with higher efficiency to develop your business in the right direction.

One might ask "why should I undergo your course and not try open source manuals shared by Google?" The answer is simple: Google Analytics course describes all basics as a utterly approachable tool however, lack of practical examples is noticeable. By relying on the open source guide you will get familiar with the tool but you wont fully exploit it. Unlike the standard introduction of Google this course focuses on real life examples and it's based on authentic experiences from years of using Google Analytics data.

I invite you to participate in the course!


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