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Lift your head up and take a closer look at all the people around you. Look at the people waiting at the bus stop, sitting in the waiting room, standing in a queue. What are they doing? Most of them are using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchacie and other social networking sites.

The key of a good presence in social media is regularity of entries and their engaging content. These 2 elements require special knowledge, experience and persistence in building a relationship with all the fans. You won't do it on yourself because you have tight schedule already.

Social networks are continually changing every day. Users attention is balancing through numerous topics. We keep track of it and keep up with newest trends. It is for your business benefit. The importance is about matching the form medium for specific policies of different social media services e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinktedIn.

We provide extensive support for both communication and moderation of the discussion including implementation of contest and wide range of advertising mechanisms.

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Communication for Bludshop store

Case Study of one of the leaders in the streetwear industry for - Bludshop. Summary of 8 months of Traffic Trends activities for brand on Facebook and the results they produce for the store.

See how changes in communication, precise selection of content and advertising strategies have helped make Bludshop fan page a real customer service channel and brought outstanding results to its sales channel!

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